A Police Helicopter Pilot Hunts Down Criminals Who Tried To Break Into His House

Criminals have to be more careful with all the security tech we’ve got now. But you just can’t factor in something like this.

Three teens in Deltona, Florida were driving around at two in the morning on Sunday, looking for cars to break into. And someone’s Ring doorbell cam got them on video.

The person was at work when he got an alert that showed them trying to break into a truck in his driveway. But he was still in a great spot to catch them…

Because he happens to work as a freaking POLICE HELICOPTER PILOT!

He was up in the air when the alert came through on his phone. So he used the helicopter’s night vision camera to track them down.

Cops on the ground tried to pull them over but couldn’t. So he kept following the car while officers set up spike strips. And all three of them were arrested.

Police found a bunch of wallets in the car, and it turned out the car itself was stolen. They’re facing multiple charges.

(Here’s a screenshot from the pilot’s doorbell cam.)


(Source: Daytona Beach News-Journal)




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