A Fire Captain in Oklahoma Is Busted for Allegedly Robbing Two Banks

You’d think someone who works with police on a very regular basis would be better at figuring out how to pull off a crime, right?

A guy named Jerry Brown is a captain with the fire department in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Back in March, he allegedly robbed a bank in Skiatook, Oklahoma. He wore a mask, but the employees were pretty sure they could identify him. Turns out – that’s the bank he normally goes to and they recognized him from his, quote, “muscular build” and his walk.

The cops were investigating and then, earlier this month, they say he robbed ANOTHER bank. Between the two robberies he stole almost $320,000.

He was arrested last week.  He’s been with the Tulsa Fire Department since 2002, and after the arrest, he was put on leave.


[Source: CNN

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