85% of People Say Listening to Music in the Car Puts Them in a Better Mood

If we’ve had even a small hand in keeping the #MadRockNation SANE during the pandemic, we’re thrilled about that!

A new survey found 81% of Americans have used MUSIC to help cope with the added stress of the lockdown. And 85% said listening to music while driving puts them in a better mood.

Here are five more quick stats from the survey:

1.  The average American is listening to an extra 38 minutes of music a day right now.

2.  Listening to music is the #1 way we like to de-stress in general. 58% said it’s their go-to coping mechanism. Our top five are music, books, exercise, TV or movies and talking to a friend.

3.  79% said music also makes them more productive. 49% said it helps them sleep better.

4.  39% of us have created a “self-isolation playlist” during the pandemic to help us get through it.

5.  And 8 in 10 Americans can’t imagine living in a world WITHOUT music.


[Source: SWNS]

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