82% of People Plan to Celebrate Halloween This Year

Is it too early to start talking about Halloween?  Well, too bad, because I’m going to start today!

Because the first big Halloween survey of the year just landed.

The National Confectioners Association says 82% of people plan to celebrate Halloween in one way or another.

80% plan to trick-or-treat, or take their kids trick-or-treating.

79% will buy candy in case trick-or-treaters show up at their door.

They also asked people about different types of Halloween candy.

Most of us prefer chocolate over non-chocolate treats, but it’s close.

60% said chocolate and 40% said non-chocolate.

If you break it down a little more, chocolate is our favorite type of candy, followed by gummy-style candy, and then candy corn is third.

The survey also looked at HOW people eat those wonderful & delicious candy corns:

  • 52% eat the whole piece at once
  • 31% bite off the narrow, white end first
  • 17% start with the wider, yellow end

(Wonder how many of those 52% eat the whole piece at once, because they eat a HANDFUL of them at the same time?)



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