8 Funny Facts About Pizza (National Pizza Day 2023)

Happy National Pizza Day Mad Rock Nation!  To celebrate, enjoy today’s list of Funny Facts about Pizza:

  1. People who eat it for breakfast are called “hungover.”
  2. Your favorite pizza topping says a lot about you.  For instance, if it’s pineapple, it says, “I’m an idiot.”
  3. The “E” in Chuck E. Cheese stands for “Ewww.”
  4. Eating pizza with a fork and knife is legal grounds for a divorce in some states.
  5. Ordering pizza delivery is a great way to let your kids know that you don’t care enough about them to make dinner.
  6. The more grease you see on the bottom of your pizza box, the less number of years you live after you eat your pizza.
  7. Papa John got his start when he tasted Domino’s and said, “I can do worse.”
  8. Taco Bell’s Mexican pizza isn’t really pizza.  Or Mexican.  Or food.  But what do you care?  You’re high.


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