7 Reasons We Hate Passwords

This is why so many people probably still use the password 1-2-3-4-5 on all their online accounts.

It plays out just like we saw in Mel Brooks’ cult movie SPACEBALLS!

Stupid, yes. But using passwords like that save us a lot of time & frustration.

I mean, who hasn’t screamed & yelled at their computer because you can’t remember or find a password?!?!

So, according to a new poll, here are 7 Reasons We Hate Passwords:

  1. The average American struggles to sign into 10 different accounts a month, because they can’t remember their password.
  2. Over half of us have to reset our passwords at least five times a month, wasting close to a full hour on it.
  3. Seven in 10 people say they have so many passwords, there’s no way they could possibly remember them all.
  4. 60% admit they get lazy, and just use the same password a lot. On average, we’ll use the same login for six different accounts.
  5. Even when we do use a new password, two-thirds of people say it’s usually one that’s very similar to another password they already use.
  6. Two-thirds say they could never remember a new password unless they wrote it down. Because 57% say they have created a new password, then forgotten it immediately.
  7. More than six in 10 people have temporarily given up on trying to log into an account, because they couldn’t remember their password, including one in three who say they’ve done that with their bank account.



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