7 Facts for International Beer Day (8/6/21)

Today (August 6th, 2021) is International BEER Day!

It’s always more fun when “holidays” like this fall on a Friday…

Here are 7 stats and facts for International BEER Day:

1.  The most well-known imported beers in the U.S. are Corona, Heineken, and Guinness.  Over 90% of Americans have heard of them.  Even if you include domestics, Corona is second overall after Bud Light.

2.  A poll found the country with the best beer in general is the Czech Republic, which makes Pilsner Urquell.  The rest of the top five are Germany, Ireland, Belgium, and the Netherlands.  (The U.S. only ranked 46th.)

3.  Beer is the most popular thing we order at bars.  More than a third of Americans say it’s their go-to drink.  Two-thirds of us prefer domestic beer over imports though.

4.  The top ten beer-loving states are: Massachusetts, Missouri, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Arizona, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, New York, and Colorado.

5.  Two-thirds of beer drinkers say they have LESS than five beers a week.  Everyone else drinks more than that . . . including 5% who said at least 20.

6.  First prize at the Wife Carrying World Championships is your wife’s weight in beer.

7.  The term “alcoholiday” was coined around the year 1900.  It means a vacation or “period of leisure spent drinking.”


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