5 Things That Might Be Hiding In Your Home’s Air Ducts – by Destiny’s Air

You ever take a really good look INSIDE the air vents in your home?

Probably not. Most people don’t.

They’re dark, creepy spaces & you probably think that it’s best that you don’t know exactly what’s lurking in those nooks & crevices, right?

Destiny’s Air in Sherman is here to shed some light on what’s probably hiding in those air ducts & why’s it important to your health to make it a priority to get them cleaned on occasion! Here are the 5 Things That May Be Hiding In Your Home’s Air Ducts:

1. Allergens – 1 in 5 Americans suffer from allergies found in indoor air, which can be 2 to 5 times MORE polluted than the air outside.

2. Pollutants – The EPA ranks indoor air pollution among the Top 5 Health Risks, and Americans spend between 70%-90% of their time indoors.

3. Potential Clogs – On average, there are 15,000 house fires each year caused by clogged dryer vents – which results in around 300 injuries and 30 deaths.

4. Dirt, Hair & Dead Skin – the majority of people continue to report much less visible air particles in their homes for several MONTHS after they get their air ducts cleaned the first time.

5. Dust, Dust & More Dust – research shows that just one tenth (1/10) of an inch of dust on an indoor coil can reduce it’s performance by up to 21% – likely costing homeowners more money in lost A/C & Heating system performance than it would cost to get their air ducts cleaned.

Not pleasant thinking about all that stuff hiding in your home’s air ducts, we understand, but knowing about it can help you take the steps to fix it.

The first step to get rid of all that nasty stuff in your home is to call us here at Destiny’s Air(903) 771-2470 – to get an air duct cleaning quote. Or you can submit a quote request on our website – https://destinysair.business.site/.

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