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35% of Us Have Ghosted Someone Before

If you’re no longer happy in a relationship, it’s healthy to talk it out or completely sever ties with that person, if necessary. But if that seems hard, you could just do what everyone else seems to be doing these days – you can GHOST THEM.

In a new poll of more than 7,000 American adults, 17% admit to having ghosted someone they’ve dated.

  • 19% admit to ghosting a friend.
  • 10% have ghosted a family member.
  • 57% claim they’ve never ghosted someone.
  • 8% don’t know if they have.

On the other side of things, 19% of people say THEY’VE been ghosted by someone they were dating.

  • 25% have been ghosted by a friend.
  • 12% have been ghosted by a family member.
  • 46% of people claim they’ve never been ghosted.

Not surprisingly, Millennials & Gen Z are far more likely to have ghosted someone or BEEN ghosted than people 55 & older.


(YouGov / YouGov)

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