2018 Mad Rock Nation Rock n Roll Gift Guide

Aww the age old question….What to get the classic rock fanatic in your life? After all, we generally don’t want much…except records….and books….and memorabilia……and…..Nevermind….we want it all! Well rock fans, it’s here! Your source for the stuff you really want!

It’s the 2018 Mad Rock Nation Rock n Roll Gift Guide….

Looking for something quick and easy and not too hard on your bank account? Uncommon Goods and Esquire magazine both have a lot of great gift ideas and stocking stuffers that rock. Check it out here……



Have a Metallica fan in the family? Are they always late for everything EXCEPT Metallica concerts? Maybe this could remedy all that and look cool all at the same time…From Nixon check out the new Metallica Watch here…


We know Mad Rock Mom (and Grandmoms) Rock….But shouldn’t the world know it too? Get your little rockstar rolling in true Texas metal style with the new Pantera Baby Stroller from Daphyls…….


Maybe your fan has a few extra minutes on their hands and needs to keep themself occupied? Try Heavy Metal Fun Time


Kilian’s Pick: This is my pick for the BEST gift of the season!! You love music….record stores are few and far between….time is limited……the older you get the less you get to check out newer bands……FIXED! Here is your solution…a subscription to Metal Head Box…


If “consumer” takes on a different meaning with your rock fan…..maybe you quench that thirst with a case of Iron Maiden Trooper Beer? Seriously, the coolest beer in the land. It’s not cheap though. If Maiden doesn’t float your boat, Give the gift of band booze!


Does somebody you know rock in the kitchen? How about a Heavy Metal Cookbook?


BOOKS!!! BOOKS!!! MORE BOOKS!!! There is a whole lot of great books on shelves and available online for the holidays here is your Holiday Reading List


Kilian’s Picks: These are my picks of the best of books for the season…

Pick #1: Twilight of the Gods


Pick #2: Bruce Dickinson – What Does This Button Do?


Pick #3: KK Downing – Heavy Duty


Here is a link to a whole mess of great reading…..browse around!


What better gift for the music lover in your tribe than……MUSIC!! From classic reissues, new vinyl releases to huge box sets, there is a lot of great gifts just waiting for you!


Hope you found something you love!! Happy Holidays from your Mad Rock Family, and thank you for everything you do!






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