In honor of Father’s Day this weekend, The Wrap shared their list of some of the WORST dads in movie & TV history.

Here are 10 highlights from their list of the Top 25 (or should that be BOTTOM 25?):

1.  Homer Simpson,  “The Simpsons”.

2.  Al Bundy,  “Married with Children”.  Played by Ed O’Neill.

3.  Frank Gallagher,  “Shameless”.  Played by William H. Macy.

4.  Red Forman,  “That ’70s Show”.  Played by Kurtwood Smith.

5.  Randy “The Ram” Robinson,  “The Wrestler”.  Played by Mickey Rourke.

6.  Jack Torrance,  “The Shining”.  Played by Jack Nicholson.

7.  Frank Reynolds,  “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”.  Played by Danny DeVito.

8.  Mr. Wormwood,  “Matilda”.  Also Danny DeVito.

9.  Tywin Lannister,  “Game of Thrones”.  Played by Charles Dance.

10.  Darth Vader,  “Star Wars”.  Played by David Prowse in the costume, and the voice of James Earl Jones.


(Check out the rest of the list here.)

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