If want to become more successful, but want to learn by sitting at home and watching movies, this list is perfect for you.

The website LifeHack.org assembled a list of 10 movies you need to watch to “be more successful.”

Here they are, along with a brief explanation of what you can learn from them:

1.  “Fight Club”, Materialism and Emotional Detachment. In the movie, the Fight Club is about freeing yourself from the shackles of modern life, which imprisons and emasculates you by being willing to give and receive pain and risk death.

2.  “Pumping Iron”, Self-Belief and Assertion.  It’s not just for body builders – Arnold Schwarzenegger shares his mindset, attitude, and personal beliefs, and it’ll leave you inspired.

3.  “The Secret”, Positive Attitude. The movie has one primary aim: To help you lead a better life by changing your mental attitude.

4.  “The Social Network”, Entitlement. It’ll inspire viewers to feel deserving of success, while also showing some of the drawbacks that being successful can have, including backstabbing and legal battles.

5.  “Yes Man”, Opportunity. This movie will have you thinking about all the opportunities you may have missed by saying “no” to things.

6.  “Limitless”, Getting Things Done. It will provoke you to take action, and produce results with your life.

7.  “The Wolf of Wall Street”, Drive and Prosperity. It’ll make you reevaluate your current life, and have you aiming for the finer things.

8.  “The Words”, Own Your Work. It will inspire you to take charge of you work, and do the best you can with what you have.

9.  “The Pursuit of Happyness”, Never Giving Up. It will demonstrate why you should never give up on yourself, and to not allow circumstances to destroy your dreams.

10.  “Good Will Hunting”. Competence. This movie will inspire anyone with a talent, and who doesn’t believe they’re worthy of success.


(Here’s a link to the site.)

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