10 Crazy Moments That Actually Happened on Movie Sets

Buzzfeed gathered some of the wildest moments that ACTUALLY happened on movie sets.

Here are some of the best ones . . .

1.  “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” . . .  JIM CARREY was given CIA-level TORTURE TRAINING to prep for his DAILY 8-hour makeup sessions.

2.  “Star Wars: A New Hope” . . . The Tunisian government asked GEORGE LUCAS to move his Sandcrawler vehicle away from the Libyan border.  Libya had mistaken it for a military vehicle and threatened MILITARY ACTION.

3.  “Now You See Me” . . . ISLA FISHER almost DROWNED when her release chain got stuck to her costume during a magic trick scene.

4.  “Titanic” . . . The majority of the cast and crew were rushed to the hospital one night after being POISONED with PCP-spiked clam chowder.

To this day, nobody knows how it happened, but there were rumors that a disgruntled chef who’d been let go was responsible.

5.  “To the Ends of the Earth” . . .  BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH and his friends were driving to set when their tire blew out . . . they got KIDNAPPED at GUNPOINT . . .  then left in the middle of nowhere.

6.  “The Wizard of Oz” . . .  During the Wicked Witch of the West’s smoke-filled exit from Munchkinland, MARGARET HAMILTON suffered burns on her hands AND face.

7.  “Poltergeist” . . . JOBETH WILLIAMS spent 4 to 5 days shooting a scene in a pool of REAL skeletons, since fake ones were considered “too expensive”.

8.  “The Passion of the Christ” . . . JIM CAVIEZEL was struck by lightning while filming the Sermon on the Mount scene.  (!!!)

9.  “Apocalypse Now” . . . Police showed up on set in the Philippines and took everyone’s passports after discovering they were using unidentified BODIES as PROPS.  They had been purchased from a graverobber.

10.  “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi” . . . PETER MAYHEW in his CHEWBACCA costume had to be escorted by crew members in bright vests through the Pacific Northwest so people wouldn’t mistake him for BIGFOOT and shoot him!


(Hit up Buzzfeed.com to see the whole list.)

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