Sorry, No “Whorehouse” For Howe

After hearing concerns from homeowners, the Howe City Council decided to reject a proposal from a landowner to build a hotel/motel off Highway 75. So, even though it’s unfortunate news for the Howe economy, there’s a silver lining.

What? Well, the best part of this entire story is the quote from the Howe resident our friends at KXII interviewed about his thoughts – Mr. William Stambaugh.

At the end of the video below, Mr. Stambaugh makes it VERY clear he is against the proposed hotel by exclaiming, “I don’t need a drug house next door to my house, I don’t need a whore house next door to my house, and I don’t need a cheap a** hotel next door to my house…”


Glad he cleared that up for us, aren’t you?!?!



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