[POLL] Should Big Dave Go To The Sci-Fi Convention This Weekend?

I LOVE going to Sci-Fi/Comic Book Conventions. Meeting celebrities (like Richard Dean Anderson in the pic above), buying new geeky stuff for my collection and seeing all the cosplayers (people who dress up in great costumes) is a blast. But, I always spend too much money when I go. In fact, I haven’t been to a convention in about 4 years.

It’ll cost me $100-$200 just to get in. Then pictures with celebrities, autographs, etc. cost anywhere from $60 to $195 EACH! It starts adding up really, really fast.

However, the FAN EXPO DALLAS is this weekend & I’m really tempted to let my inner geek out this weekend. I want your input. Should I go? And if so, which of the celebrities (listed in the poll question below) should I pay to get a photo op with? My choice is all of them, but I don’t want to spend a fortune. Who would you choose?

Big Dave's Geeky Conundrum



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