The “Cheese Crisis” of 2016

Americans LOVE cheese! We put it on just about everything – fries, burgers, tortilla chips, hot dogs, pretzels, broccoli, eggs, every type of pasta, and stuff as much of it as we can in the crust of our already extra cheesy pizzas. We even eat it all by itself.

But, my friends, we’re facing what could be a disastrous cheese crisis in 2016…and your help is badly needed.

What can you do to help?


The U.S. currently has a huge surplus of cheese – roughly 1.9 BILLION POUNDS of it – waiting to be shoved into our faces. It’s the largest cheese stockpile in our country’s history!

Americans already eat about 36 pounds of cheese each year, but due to this crisis, every man, woman and child in our country must be willing to go the extra mile and eat an additional three pounds to get rid of all the surplus cheese.

So, whether you like to grill it, fry it, melt it, slice it or dice it…or you prefer Mozzarella, Cheddar, Swiss, Muenster, Gouda or patriotic American…eat some more cheese, please!

I mean, come on people, the French eat 57 pounds of cheese a year, so we’re already way behind them and really need to catch up on this one. Our national honor is at stake.

I know I’ll be doing my part for the cause…


Read more about the cause of the cheese overload from the Washington Post.



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